Filter Through (2011)

A site-specific installation by Aubrey de Cheubell and Kally Malcom


This site-specific, experiential installation incorporated fiber sculpture, video and projection to explore the notion of filters. Filters serve a dual role to refine that which passes through while blocking out the rest. Drawing a parallel to media culture, this piece asked attendees to consider how some information rises above the noise, while the rest fades into the din. 


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Places North and South is a collaborative project between Lauren Greenwald and Kally Malcom. Lauren is based in New Mexico, while Kally splits her time between Wisconsin and Nebraska. This blog is to serve as a conversation between the two landscapes, and the artists, at points in the extreme south and north in the country.


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Collaborative Projects:

The opportunity to work on a project with another artist (or several artists) is a gift. It allows us to co-mingle ideas and push creative output in new directions.

Places North and South: A Collaboration